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VESTARIN ICO Marketplace For Goods Services for Cryptocurrency

Do you need a cryptocurrency focused platform where you can interact with other crypto enthusiasts, a marketplace to buy goods with crypto, and an ICO information hub all in one place? Or are you a business looking for cryptocurrency exposure with a reputation based system for transactions? How about an entrepreneur needing assistance in hosting an ICO, Marketing, and investor reach?
Vestarin  is a platform where Shopkeepers, Services, Restaurant, and Entertainment owners integrate their business to allow users to purchase and perform targeted actions in crypto. The Vestarin platform takes care of minimizing the risks of contributing ICO investors. ICO project officials integrate their startups into platforms, where users, including crypto fans, technologists and technological barriers, create an open reputation for projects in a decentralized database through assessment and discussion, so investors can take a more balanced approach.Sure, information is an invaluable resource! Information Technology News, and flowing from the world of cryptocurrencies, will now be combined in one place on the Vestarin platform, where dozens of sources and portals are free to post information to a large number of users. Our goal is to unify the entire crypto fan community in one place.Click here to join Vestarin ICO
How does Vestarin work?
Store owners, services, exchange points integrate their business to the Vestarin platform, while users make purchases and pay for services with their VST token.
ICO representatives integrate their projects into platforms, while users will forecast and discuss them publicly to create reputations, which allow investors to rely on them.Vestarin will offer its users a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and warmth about crypto from dozens of sources to viewers around the world.Blockchain technology technology and cryptogizmos will have the same cooperation platform.Vestarin ico join [here]. 

Ico Investment Problem And Solving->>
Investor`s task – to invest in a start-up, which is likely to succeed and to get profit. But first one needs to find actual ICO`s. Investor chooses several ideas by WhitePaper and seeks approvals: expert confirmations, that it really works, and blockchain community positive reviews.
As a result, thanks to the well-coordinated work of professional marketers, the investor finds a lot of information, positive feedback and accordingly starts to believe it the very idea. Then the ICO opens. Token is issued fir investor`s money, as previously discussed with the market. As a result a couple of high yield days are followed by a complete breakdown.
The creators make a helpless gesture, counting their millions gathered on the ICO, and investors cease to believe that this can work. Thus, confidence in the industry as a whole is not stable. And what, if not investment, keeps everything working? This is just one of the problems that we are going to solve on the Vestarin platform.
ICO – a powerful tool for both the investor and the project as a whole to achieve a specific goal. The project needs to be launched and succeed, the investor wants his profit. ICO itself is unique, but if people`s trust is abused, it can turn this great instrument into a soap bubble, that may burst soon. To keep it working, certain problems need to be sorted out.
The first problem is fake and scam-projects that play on people's trust in society. Having created an impressive web-site, having placed the project on all crowdfunding platforms and having bought several significant names, almost any project will get investors trust in it. As a result, ICO is successful, but the project`s success is not reached. Though, the creators are not really upset. Everyone likes easy money. Perhaps, to a certain extent, greed draws us to commit not fully thought-out actions.
Any rising industry makes its way to stability “per aspera ad astra”, transformed by people, who believe in it. We are mighty enough to influence even the greatest systems with over $600 billion capitalization.
Vestarin platform will get together people, capacities and opportunities to sort out all the problems. We need to cooperate in order to brush up ICO projects.Primarily ICO will be moderated by Vestarin platform experts to weed out “garbage”. Then everything is in the hands of users, including specialists, developers and investors all people in this industry will be involved in the work on the basis of one platform.
You will be able to put assessments, write reviews and criticize, creating a picture of the reputation of this ICO, as a result of which it will be easier for investors to make a decision, the risks will significantly decrease, and the creators of fake projects will be exposed by the overwhelming majority of experts. We will also create an open chart based on the results of past and current ICO projects: how many funds have been collected and how many people have invested so that you can make even more conclusions before making a final decision. 

Vestarin platform opportunities:
  • Purchase goods, services and entertainment for crypto currency.
  • Find a team to implement and launch your project.
  • Communicate with other crypto-enthusiasts via built-in chat and even transfer coins there.
  • Exchange one currency for another in exchange points with the highest reputation, which you can also evaluate.
  • Have access to information about the emergence and development of new blockchain platforms and opportunities around the world.
  • Invest in ICO with minimum risks, based on user rating. Each startup will have its own reputation and feedback from the same crypto-enthusiast users as you, which will help to decrease the credibility of a particular project.
  • Become part of the team, if you are keen on a particular structure.
  • Integrate your store, restaurant, service or entertainment, earn profit from the platform in the crypto currency.
  • Integrate your ICO if it is moderated by Vestarin platform specialists, whose goal is to identify scam and fake projects. After the integration of your ICO, you will be able to attract the attention of the entire community, which will give an opportunity to give life to your project.
  • Integrate your exchanger and get leads from the platform. You will haveall the chance of blockchain technology and the industry as a whole!
Opportunity to Invest In VESTERIN->>
If you are interested in investing, they have a VST token sale intended to fund the project. You just need to buy a token and you are automatically an investor – which can be the best way to make money on your part.
If you buy now, the price is still low but if you buy it after launch, chances are the price has gone up significantly. So, ready to join Vestarin?
60% - to the product development team
35% - expenses for PR and marketing
5% - on advisers and project managers

Early participants will benefit from guaranteed profits associated with significant discounts during both Pre-ICO and ICO.
On the pre-ICO for 1ETH = 3000 VST
On the ICO for 1 ETH = 2000 VST (the exact table is shown below).

Below is a table showing the growth of VST value, depending on the total number of ETH collected during the ICO.

ICO Info
Pre-sale Time:30 Jan 2018 - 28 Feb 2018
ICO Time:05 Mar 2018 - 04 Apr 2018

Token Info
Token Type:ERC20
Available for sale:47,200,000 VST
Total supply:70,400,000 VST

Price:1 ETH = 2,000 VST
Soft cap:2,000 ETH
Hard cap:35,000 ETH
Bonuses:Up to 56%

Distribution of ICO Funds
45% - to the development team with about 15-20 engineers.
20% - marketing expenses, media content, PR and attraction of all types of users, presentations and advertising campaigns, purchase of targeted traffic.
15% - the cost of integrating stores and services, restaurants, exchangers, working with the information content platform, management.
12% - operating expenses of employees and office.
5% - legal support.
3% - bonus to developers and creators.

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