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PECUNIO ICO [The Professional Blockchain Assets Management]

Hi crypto world today (10/03/18) I'm back with a new ICO called PECUNIO. Presale successfully collected 4.5m $. So->

Pecunio is a decentralized investment platform with crypto currency cards and free digital currency exchange, which facilitates savings and crypto-currency costs. We are a universal store for non-technical users, big investors, great investors, as well as angels and venture capitalists. 
Pecunio also specializes in providing expert services for the differentiated group-related consultation process associated with the chain, giving every business plan plan to Taylor, as we know about its diversity. We want to open up a bright crypto currency market for everyone - investing in the blockade is demystified and allows everyone to participate in the new economy in the 21st to join here

Crypto-tokens have become an easy way for blockchain startups to fund their projects early in the development cycle, and for regular users and enthusiasts to invest in projects of potential value and have a say on how their future is shaped.Read the full post here

To enroll in Pecunio, users need to create accounts on the platform by providing details such as email addresses, usernames and passwords.Confirmation will be sent via email and soon, a personal wallet is created and one is automatically redirected to the user dashboard where an overview of the ownership and private ownership account is found.
After successfully transferring the cryptocurrency or fiat data to the account, the user has the choice of whether to issue it via a crypto card or exchange card or rather investing emergency crypto into Pecunio's investment product.There are opportunities for every investor to invest in various types of funds.Currently, there are three types of funding tokens available such as the Pecunio token exchange exchange (PCO token).
Each value generated is distributed to investors with Pco utility tokens where charges are returned from cryptographic funds ICO, AC & VC and token. In addition, its value is maintained by burning a normal token.Join now on PECUN. IO
  • Secure. Encrypted communication, safe transfer because of cold storage wallets, wallet management prevents the loss of keys
  • Is it trustworthy Guaranteed legal security in Dubai's financial center.Physical office locations in Vienna and Dubai
  • Easy. Easily sign up via e-mail, instant account settings including wallet, easy deposit, easy payment via PayPal, bank transfer or crypto.
  • pecun_icon_small Giving Pecunio access offers multicurrency handbags and secure market access to all crypto market businesses through an easy-to-use interface.Join here
The primary reason for adapting Blockchain fund management is the amount of transparency and integrity of data it provides. For a high risk involvement industry like Fintech, Blockchain has come up with transformative changes in record keeping, logistics, law, identity management, securities settlement, application development and many more. Blockchain also renders to the elimination of Middlemen acting as third party who try to establish trust in the system. Join here. 

Pecunio is a utility token, built on the Ethereal blockade. Pecunio's PCO tokens receive results from three sources: cost management, performance, and ICO. Pecunio will earn millions of commission income in a short time, making it a true blue chip investment for his token holder company.
The money received via token sale will directly be contributed to funding the project. The Exchange Rate of 1ETH (or equivalent ) = 200 PCO and BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC are accepted for the purchase of PCO Tokens. The token sale starts on 1st of February 2018.
They will be releasing 40 million Pecunio tokens (PCO). Their crowdsale will be held in a confidential manner, but personal invitation will be sent to the one’s who have pre-registered.Click to join here. 

Pre ico succesfully collected 4.5m $ with fund the project, a token sales that issued 40 million Pecunio tokens (PCOs) was done in total after the ICO campaign ended. The total number of inventory tokens is 100 million Pecunio tokens (token PCO).
Some hard facts about this token sale include:
The crowd is still a secret but anyone previously listed will be personally invited to a closed token sale. It will last for 30 days.
  • The PCO Token is essentially the ERC-20 token etherum.
  • In token sales, 30,000,000 will be sold.
  • Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 200 PCO.
  • After receiving 150,000 ETH, the token sales will be difficult to close.
  • For purchase of Token PCO, BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC are accepted.
  • To avoid inflation, PCO will not be created after this period.
Pre stage closed successfully 
Bonus Stage:
• 1-21 February 2018: 25% BONUS
• March 19 - April 19, 2018: 0% BONUS
Available in ICO: 30,000,000 PCO
Full supply: 100,000,000 PCO
Hard-cap: US $ 45,000,000
Currency received: BTC, ETH, LTC, national bank money
Exchange Rate: 1 PCO = $ 1.5 US
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