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MindSports IO - The First and Decentralized Gaming Social Platform for Intellectual Games

Backed by smart and blocked contracts of Ethereal, our decentralized platform allows users to host, bet, watch and play online intellectual games like Chess, Poker, Xiangqi, Backgammon and Go. We organize a variety of intellectual games compared to other traditional platforms. We strive to create a tough and vibrant community of players by providing incentives not just game participation, but also high quality user-generated content to the public. Such incentives will increase enthusiasm and awareness not only for this platform but also healthy and entertaining games as well as games-related communities.

Our passionate team and adviser consist of top executives and directors in leading associations such as the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA), block experts, crypto investors, grandmaster chess, and global sporting professionals.
Token Price: 1 ETH = 1,000 MIND Token  
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Airdrop will be distributed at your Ethereum address after the crowd in 30 days  
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Pre-Sale Our Token Will Start Nov 2nd 2017 
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Use Token
  1. Decentralized Game Hosting. 
    Users can host decentralized leagues and mind sports tournaments. Instead of creating community engagement and gaming, hosts are awarded MIND tokens for their contributions based on the number of participants and the number of tokens MIND made for their events.
2. Pre-Game, In-Play Betting
Viewers can also have the option to place pre-game bets and / or bets in games against certain games and players to obtain additional MIND tokens based on the payment agreement specified in the selected smart contract template. .
3.Game Playing
Players will use MIND tokens as currency to challenge other players and join in tournaments in various intellectual games. MindSports provides a place where people can place token bets against others with confidence as transactions and games can be recognized by the public, and resist against counterfeiting
Proceed token
5% Security  
60% Product Development  
10% Marketing  
10% Admin and General  
15% Mindsports Tournament
Allocation of Token
70% Token Sale (35 Million MIND Token) 
15% Teams and Advisors  
5% Foundation  
5% MindSports 5% Battle  Development
Road Map and Project Results
Concept Development and Prototype 1Q17  
Stage 1
Identify current issues in the sports landscape and address these issues by applying contract technology with blocking and intelligent technologies to build MindSports prototypes and whitepapers.
Stage 2  
Brand Awareness and Sales Token

This is a prototype release that lets users see our live demo during the official sales sale of our pre-sale MIND Token.
Stage 3  
Test Beta Release

This is the initial release of MindSports. This beta release allows our Community to test our platform feature beta. Communities can play poker, chess, in-play and pre-game bets with MIND tokens.
Stage 4  
Release Official Release Platform

first production from MindSports. This includes enhanced features, improved performance and launch of our platform and the ability to host a decentralized Mind Sports event and tournament via our DApps.
Phase 5  
Features of MindSports Expansion

The next stage of MindSports is intended to provide a better playing experience and contract functionality and better API Support developers.
Island Kon, FM - Co-Founder & CTO
3 Times World XiangQi Champion (Non-Asian) and Federal Chess Master since 15. Island is a Quant Portfolio Manager who designs Trade Strategy C ++ / Python on Crypto and Global Markets
Christian Ng Co-Founder & COO
 Christian is an entrepreneur and investor from Canada with over 6 years experience in the field of crypto and global financial markets. He's experienced in organizing startup blockchain projects to bring them to scale and profitability.
Laszlo Mari - Blockchain Architect
 Ex-Google. Previously co-founded Phanten, an AI-powered testing suite. Experience Architects with 5 years Full Stack and Blockchain Experience.
Law Wai Chun - Solidity Developer
 Solidty Finalists ACM-ICPC World. Chun is MPhil at HKU on High Performance Computing, last at BioInformatics Startup which produces GPU based BioInformatics analysis.
Szabolcs Pasztor - Full Stack Developer
Polyglot full stack developer, active Open Source Contributors. Szabolcs cofounded Phanten, an AI-powered load testing suite.
We Hire - Solidity Developers
We are looking for powerful developers from DApps who are well versed in truffles, web3js and solidity. Please forward your resume to
Our Advisors
Geoffrey Borg - CEO of FIDE, IMSA Executive Director
Geoffrey is CEO of the World Chess Federation and Executive Director of the International Mind Sports Association. He holds a FIDE Master's degree, has played chess for Malta in numerous international and Olympic tournaments, including winning a silver medal in Board 1 at Olympicika Olympic 1984.
Efstratios Grivas - Chess Grandmaster
 Grivas was the Greek champion in 1983 and 1996. The 33rd Chess Olympiad Winner participated in eight Olympics, three European Team Chess Championships, and twelve Balkaniads. He has written 42 books, essays and studies on Chess is a regular contributor to the most important chess publications.
Vincent Wong - XiangQi International Master
Vincent Wong is a double medalist at World Mind Sport Games, silver in 2011 and bronze in 2014. His elegant and neat defensive capabilities make him the third runner-up in the 2013 World XiangQi Championship
We are pleased to announce the launch of the IO Organization's Imported Passport Campaign.
Pre-Sale which will begin November 2nd, 2017.
Our Pre-Sale Token will begin on November 2nd, 2017  TELEGRAM - Chat with Us Here To Register WHITEPAPER | FACEBOOK |TWITTER | WEBSITE | GITHUB

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