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n - Decentralized Gaming Pvp Platform Through Blockchain


Introducing IQEON , a decentralized PvP gaming platform, which enables players to earn real money for their accomplishments. In addition IQeon also helps the integration of games, applications and services based on competition among users.
IQeon itself is the first platform where players can earn money thanks to their intelligence and achievements. This will come about because of the use of domestic currency in ecosystems (IQeon tokens based on blockade technology from Ethereum), which can at times be converted into other crypto or real money.
The rapid growth in the gaming industry is the background of this project. And from this huge growth, smartphone gamers have a growing number of growth coupled with the growing number of smartphone users in the world is increasing very rapidly.

Please note the following data:smartphone users of the world

The rapid growth in the number of mobile devices will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of mobile apps and gamers themselves. According to data from Newzoo 2017 Global Mobile Market Report, as early as 2017, the number of smartphone users exceeded 2.3 billion, or 31% of the world's total population. By 2020, this figure is expected to reach 3.6 billion users.
The mobile gaming market is the largest segment of the global gaming market, with a figure of 42% ($ 45.7 billion). by 2020, the share of mobile apps and games is expected to grow by 50% and in monetary terms will total $ 62.3 billion, a fantastic figure!

Okay, let's see how the mobile gaming industry when compared to console and PC in the picture below:
game revenue
However, from the huge economic potential it is only about 3% of gamers who take advantage to monetize (skill) the expertise in game play as well as achievement of it. With 97% oother gamers do not know how to monetize their achievements in gameplay.
IQeon comes as a problem solver for the problem by using IQeon game currency. Obtain IQeon when it is transferred to your personal account for an IQeon token that you can trade freely on a cryptocurrency exchange (Exchanger).

Here's more information about IQeon:
  • Name: IQeon token
  • Symbol: IQN
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000
  • Pre-sale: 15-24 december 2017 (Rate 1 ETH = 1 ETH = 700 IQEON)
  • Token token bid: January 30, 2018 - March 13, 2018 (Rate 1 ETH = 325 IQEON)

Advantages gained by game and content developers through this platform:
  • A ready-made infrastructure for recognition of payments based on cryptocurrency into the product itself.
  • IQeon token use is consistent with the App Store Overview Guidelines and Google Play Developer Policy.
  • Reduced developer cost of withdrawal fee (from 30% Google Play and Apple Store to 10%).
  • Additional audiences for your game.
  • APIs that allow quick integration of your products into existing ecosystems.
  • SDK for fast deployment of new applications
The advantage gained through this platform is not from the developers side, gamers also have a tremendous advantage to monetize their achievements in the game. Here are some advantages gamers get:
  • Generics: IQeon internal currency, earned in one game, can be used in one other different game.
  • Liquidity: Using your own IQeon token platform wallet that can be converted into real money.
  • Conversion: Using multiple cardiac crypto exchanges, IQeon tokens can be exchanged for other crypto currencies (bitcoin, ethereum, monero etc.).
  • Reliability: Thanks to blockchain technology, all IQeon token transactions in the ecosystem are non-refundable; they are repeatedly listed in decentralized transactions lists, and are therefore protected against counterfeiting and any type of fraud. The use of intelligent contracts ensures that the terms and conditions of each dispute are recorded and unchanged and guarantee the payment of winnings.
  • Anonymity: The IQeon platform allows players to remain anonymous.

Disclaimer: Author and BoardGame.Com is not part of this project. All information on this page is for informational purposes only. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please visit them at:

My bitcointalk profile:;u=1440215

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