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Bitrewards ICO-[Bonuses and Loyalty Points are Transformed Into Cryptographic Currency Based on Blockchain Technology]

What Is BitRewards? 
Bitrewards is the blockchain rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce business. This allows online store for their appreciation of the buyer with the cryptocurrency “a little”, which helps to increase sales an average of 17%. Because blockchain and our unique business model, this cutting-edge loyalty system offered to businesses.
With the emergence of decentralized technology, bringing a new approach to transfer the value of loyalty, the industry is bound to change depth.

Merchant And Customer That Arch-Enemy:
Customers don’t care about brand loyalty or traders — they want free stuff and easily switch brands.
And traders need to protect their bottom line and trying to take more from each customer may often slipping to manipulation.
BitRewards is designed to turn this around and make friends more customers and traders.
This is a platform-based AI blockchain loyalty and ecosystem that enables online retailers to purchase their customers, invite friends, social media action, personal details and share your valuable data and other behaviors with crypto-currency “a little”.

How BITS Work?

  • Our mission is to create a platform of awards and the loyalty that will impregnate online retailers of all shapes and sizes and relate it to their customers based on the token BIT.
  • Traders get a free BIT of software
    Based on innovative and profitable products with 5 year history of the market.
    Revenues grew by 17% on average #
  • The buyer gets a reward at BIT token
    To purchase them, friend invites, Facebook like and much more. BITS can be redeemed or cashed.
  • Traders buy a BIT, people hold BITS
    Buyers get liquid token, traders get more sales. The community benefits from the growth of the ecosystem.


With the advent of the blockchain, the loyalty industry damaged will surely change. We are big believers that contract and crypto smart is the core engine and fuel for a new era of customer loyalty. Ethereum permits the application of technical solutions.

Game Changing Solution For Merchants->>

Traders get valuable loyalty technology, which allows them to manage the behavior of the user through data-driven set of tools, which they can integrate with frictionlessly their web store.
A comprehensive loyalty program merchants increase revenue by tens of percentage points *. Traders are also pressing to audience crypto-enthusiasts, who are very active and appreciated the attention of early adopters of technology.
A unique value proposition for traders is that BitRewards will be offering a premium of a software box for free. They just need to buy a little evidence to appreciate their users. The value of the software range from $100-200/month. Therefore thousands of online stores will be interested to connect to the platform. We can make such claims because we operate in the market rewards and loyalty software for more than five years and know the problems and the needs of the daily trader.
BitRewards team consists of perhaps the strongest core technology, which works at the blockchain for the retail industry. Coupled with the development of business and financial expertise of other members, the team is very well prepared to deliver the perfect product to the global market.
The competition is far behind with little experience, often confusing no product and business model.
BitRewards is compatible with the e-commerce system that most (Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Ecwid, etc) and has signed a letter of intent with the platform Builder online store, which serves more than a million online stores globally.
November, 2016-2017, February
Loyalty points based on the development of systems designed to reward buyers GIFTD. (–°ompleted)
February-October, 2017
The concept of using Setup blockchain Ethereum with loyalty and appreciation and development of cryptorewards customers to the e-commerce industry, the team hires. (–°ompleted)

Why Choose Blockchain?

Great book and distributed blockchain Protocol carry a value that has never happened before to the future: loyalty program
  • For users:

  • Rewards in the kriptocurrency, which does not depend on the success of the merchant.

In return, which appreciated than expiration.
Easily replaced or exchanged for other illiquid assets
Recommendations, awards discounts & tailored to taste, tastefully customized (see Recommendation BitRecommendations).
  • For traders:

Free premium software, which enhances user loyalty and sales.
Tokenisasi loyalty program independent and platform specific token generation traders.
The use of FIRE to be nimble proprietary loyalty program connects to the BitRewards token or loyalty programs and other awards.
FIRE BitRecommendations free who worked on blockchain, managed by the DAO in the IPFS.


  • October-may 2017 2018
    Fully functional fidelity BitRewards system for resellers and users of crypto-wallet connected to loyalty programs, with access on the website of the retailer and the site BitRewards
  • March-June, 2018
    Crypto-wallet retailer and liquidity management smart contracts
  • June-July, 2018
    System integration-fidelity with Raiden and lightning network (after the launch of this technology).
  • June-August, 2018
    Customers Mobile app with crypto-wallet.
  • July-December, 2018
    The introduction of digital gift card and loyalty card scanning into the mobile wallet.
  • September-December, 2018
    Mobile SDK to merchant apps.
  • January-April, 2019
    Integration of AI and machine learning becomes a BitRewards platform.
  • April-May, 2019
    Blockchain based on the exchange of traffic between online and offline merchants

  • Token info->>
  • Token: BIT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Prices in little ICO1 0.00003472 = ETH
  • Token for sale: 1.28 billion

Investment Info->>

  • Receive: ETH, BTC
  • Distributed within the ICO 64%
  • Hat £ 3 million
  • Hard hat 15 million USD

For More Information, Visit The Full Site BitReward:

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Bitrewards ICO-[Bonuses and Loyalty Points are Transformed Into Cryptographic Currency Based on Blockchain Technology]

What Is BitRewards?  Bitrewards is the blockchain rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce business. This allows online store for t...

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