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STREAMITY: Crypto Decentralization Platform Trusted Exchangers

What is Streamity?
Streamity is a project that focuses on establishing a cryptocurrency exchange place that will include in various services and ensure the benefits of developing a cryptocurrency market, while avoiding the complications and risks arising from ownership of such cryptocurrency, transfers and exchanges.

The Streamity Service will include news and analysis, education, and investment resources All of the above mentioned services will provide important assistance to investors regarding the management and accumulation of crypto funds. Each section of Streamity will represent an independent business environment and generate revenue from different types of digital services.

Streamity prioritizes users and communities. The mission of Streamity is to contribute to the development of crypto community security. Streamity will develop a fair and completely transparent StreamDesk service for cryptocurrency exchange and fiat currency without intermediaries, which will save users money, and will protect our users from the most common cheating in the market using smart contracts.

Streamity creates decentralized applications utilizing an appropriated database for digital currency trade.

StreamDesk is a P2P stage where the two gatherings execute separately. There is no correlation amongst StreamDesk and traditional money related establishments, for example, banks or stock trades, since fiat monetary forms are exchanged specifically between people.

StreamDesk is a creative P2P stage in light of blockchain innovation, appealing as a result of its security and positive exchange conditions. The entire procedure is exceptionally remote, giving time funds to clients

Preferences OF STM TOKENS
The STM Token will be available to exchanging on the key crypto trades that will enable it to be accessible to new clients and let speculators offer it in a flash.
The improvement of STREAMITY administrations and the consideration of new clients will make consistent STM asks. Hence, the STM token has boundless potential for conversion scale development in connection to the fiat cash, and furthermore to the principle crypto.
Since the STREAMITY venture depends on well known mass administrations, the interest for venture administrations will be kept up for economic situations of digital money. In this manner, we expect stable STM swapping scale development with moderately low instability.

Clients keen on STREAMITY administrations
  • they get a STM token at a value much lower than the cost at the season of administration dispatch which gives them critical reserve funds when utilizing 
STREAMITY Crypto-speculator benefit.
  • they can make a benefit by offering the STM tokens in the auxiliary market or utilizing the STM token as a generally safe segment of their venture portfolio. 


  • PRE-ICO Streamity 
  • Begin: 25.12.2017 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC - 8) 
  • End: 28.01.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC - 8) 
  • offer a unique markdown relying upon the stage that the financial specialist needs to help the venture 
  • 30% - markdown prescribed amid PRA-ICO. 
  • At that point, ICO will have 2 stages 
  • TOKEN SALE PHASE # 1 = 1 day reward 20% and reward 2-14 days 15% 
  • Begin: 12.03.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC - 8) 
  • End: 25.03.2018 (12: 00:00 Moscow Time, UTC - 8) 
  • STAGE # 2 = 10% reward 
  • Begin: 16.04.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC - 8) 
  • End: 29.04.2018 (12:00 PM Moscow Time, UTC - 8) 
  • STM TOKEN SUPPLAY = 186.000.000STM and 1 STM = 0.2 USD


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