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ON.LIVE ICO The Marketplace For Paid Advice Live Broadcast and Computing Power

Today we will be covering ONLIVE- A digital video broadcasting & remote consultation platform incorporating computing power. Live services will benefit Lawyers, Doctors, Weight Loss, Job Seeking, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Language Learning, and Financial Advice.

The ONLIVE platform revolutionises  both the video broadcast and remote consultations market.ONLIVE offers unlimited scalability and availability utilizing BLOCKCHAIN technology and a completely decentralized peer to peer network.Anyone can contribute to the system if they have the processing power and bandwidth.Smart incentivisation of the contributions gurantees decentralization and creats a new economy driven by ONL tokens.

This powerful technology will be used for a number of purposes including:
  • Workshops
  • Practical Tutorials
  • Sports
  • Conferences
  • TV
  • Music and 
  • E-learning

If you're a newbie at crypto don't know anything about crypto then read the post here and about crypto token here

Think about this for a moment.  By 2015, the global live streaming and broadcasting marketplace was valued at a whopping $30.9B and that figure is expected to balloon to $124B by 2024. That’s not the only metric though. It was estimated that in 2016, the total value of the global digital consulting was worth $24B and that was roughly 2X the UK’s consulting industry.But I mean this is totally contrarian and everybody knows how complicated and expensive it can get to access the services of a consultant. Even the name itself strikes fear in the heart of people who associate the name with technical complications and prohibitive fees.Often, getting what you need anytime you want is wishful thinking but yes, it ought to be a reality especially when it comes to expert consultation. We already know that the cost of getting expert service is high and it shall continue to rise in the coming years-more disruption more consultation and higher fees to correct this disruption and the cycle continues- it’s purely causative.
For example, as I type this, do you know that the cost of consulting can be anywhere between $300 and $500 per hour but sometimes rise to $1000 in emergency situations? Well, this is no surprise. There are myriads of causes that can inflate this straight from accessibility concerns because the field has not been structured to boost their availability and the different intermediaries you have to go through before you access consulting services.Another hindrance is that most people often like certain technical explanations to be applied in person, face to face. Unfortunately, sometimes, when the situation demands these expert are unreachable. How frustrating for the seeker!
These are some predicaments that On Live wants to solve. It has the same working principles as Medium, the distributed blog, where any skilled person located anywhere in the world can earn by providing valuable expert advice through any of On Live’s income generating models. They can be from pay per view, advertising, tips, subscription plans, in-stream payments, pay per minute and many more.It definitely leverages blockchain technology to create this uncensored and expert live streaming platform where anyone with enough reputation can be an expert.Their operation model is simple and solves the often problematic offline solutions that demand physical meetups.From this, you can easily notice that On Live is quickly positioning itself as a platform where any information seeker can quickly access live expert advice irrespective of their location. Through blockchain technology, On Live plans on creating this big ecosystem where not only valuable content will be broadcasted throughout the network but subscribers can access quality but an affordable content live stream.
On Live is basically be a single marketplace that has rolled up the three main aspects of live advertising. That of Live Broadcasts, Live Services, and Transcoding and Relay Node market all expedited on a single platform. On live tokens will be used to settle transaction and designed in a way that users can communicate freely and strike deals when there is A consensus.JOIN THE CROWEDSALE

What does the roadmap look like??

Okay so you're happy with the products, and the ICO looks fair, what is planned for the future of On.Live?? The roadmap for On.Live is very extensive. They have split it into two seperate maps, a past and a present. The past roadmap shows the early development and planning stages of the project which began around 2014.
The present roadmap has details expanding all the way to 2020. Take a look over on the website for more details. We can expect major platform development, partnerships, and further expansion in the coming years. This is one to HODL.

All that is needed is a computer and an internet connection for one to be a content creator.End users can access multiple professional advice or even participate in live events straight from the comfort of their homes. Then again, they are at liberty to pay for what they can afford and what they need to know. Payment is directly tied to quality, need, and delivery.The platform is fitted with relevant communication features and functionalities that can address different needs of as demanded by the user. For example, an expert can decide to schedule their broadcast or carry a live broadcast throughout the network or switch to person to person consultation on demand.Join the crowedsale

On Live is based on Ethereum and plans to sell their ERC 20 compliant ONL utility tokens to raise funds.Like most tokens, they have a finite supply of 110M but ONL will be divisible up-to 18 decimal places and meshes easily with exchanges. The ONL token will mostly be used for instant and free transaction settlement within the ONL network.
The main objective of this crowdfund is to raise a maximum of 14,000 ETH during the pre-ICO where 12.21M ONL tokens will be available for sale.The presale was concluded on February 22, 2018, and the main ICO will begin on March 11, 2018, and ends on April 11, 2018. For the main crowd sale, the company has set aside 61.05M ONL tokens where they hope to raise 100,000 ETH to make this project a reality. All unsold tokens will be burnt after the ICO.
11% of all the tokens will be reserved and locked for Founders, 6% will go towards bounty marketing while Advisors will receive 5% of ONL total tokens.
A large chunk of the money raised will go towards development-31%, 19% will meet advertising and other marketing expenses and 11% is set aside for loyalty programs.There will be a 20% bonus on the first 11 days and all purchases in the second 11 days will attract a 10% bonus.

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