Wednesday, 7 March 2018


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EOZ - The Financial System With Unique Blockchain

Hi cryptopers ....

Meet me again, still with the discussion about the financial industry, the fund procurement agency for loans, as is known with this industry is one of the industry's most demanding.

The need for venture capital and so on makes the industry grow rapidly, Eoz present enliven this industry with armed with trading experience since the last 15 years and started trading with cryptocurrencies 4 years ago to gain more than 200% profit over the stock market with Deep Learning Network.

Building on the algorithm for the past 3 years with artificial neural networks, Eoz opened this platform to the public, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of our platform, leaving with a sizeable capital and integrated with crypto exchange, Eoz has made great profits with his boot trading which gets signal from our neural network.
Trading arbitration also did not escape our feature with the most secure boot of risk.

Our entire artificial neural network works on three investment principles.
"High Investment High Risk High Profit"
"High Investment Low Risk Low Profit"
"Low Investment Low Risk Low Profit"

The EOZ ecosystem is designed to reduce human error in predicting cryptococcal prices and automate all investment tasks. ANN EOZ is the core of the EOZ Ecosystem. The main part of the EOZ core is the Artificial Neural Network. All incoming investments are evenly distributed to three types of algorithms to get the highest returns with the lowest risk. Deep Learning Network continues to collect data and learn from it to generate high returns and reduce the risk of loss.

EOZ Coin comes implementing ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which has loan program. Almost the same as Bitconnect, but EOZ coins have special advantages as I described earlier.
EOZ is a better solution that can help technology in the financial industry, provides excellent insight into some barriers to entry, and creates more than just liquidity.


Ai Lending
Anyone can lend EOZ coin in EOZ Lending & Earn Huge Profits Everyday

EOZ coins built on Hybrid Algorithm. You can hold EOZ coin in your desktop wallet and earn interest on it

EOZ Coin's POW algorithm allow anyone to mine EOZ coin and make profit by selling on exchanges

EOZ Coin will be listed on most of the exchanges. Anyone can make profit by trading EOZ coin with other cryptocurrencies

EOZ luxure program EOZ lending & EOZ ICO publicly

8 million EOZ coins are issued at a relatively small selling price of ICO, and are divided into 5 sales phases:

EOZ Sales

PRE-SALE - 0.85 $ / TOKEN 2000000 AVAILABLE
STAGE-1 - 1:35 $ / TOKEN 2000000 AVAILABLE
STAGE-2 - 1.85 $ / TOKEN 2000000
STAGE-4 - 2.85 $ / TOKEN 2000000 AVAILABLE
STAGE-5 - 3,35 $ / TOKEN 2000000 AVAILABLE

EOZ Distribution

Keep update with us and follow the our official link here :



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